Ubre Blanca elevates the night with their new album ‘Fire in the Sky’:

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Khoinix Records is about to unleash a musical inferno with Ubre Blanca’s latest album, “Fire in the Sky.” Scheduled for release on October 31, 2023, this electrifying collection blends horror soundtrack-inspired elements with a relentless focus on the dancefloor. Ubre Blanca pushes the boundaries of the dark disco sound they’ve become renowned for, resulting in a sonic adventure that will leave listeners captivated.

The album takes its cues from various influences, showcasing the versatility and creativity of Ubre Blanca. “Heatseeker” dives into the realm of techno, while “Prison Acid” draws inspiration from EBM, and “Purity Spiral” delves into the nostalgia of 90s trance. The title track and “Stress Positions” are undeniably influenced by the legendary John Carpenter, offering dark yet danceable tracks with a unique 6/4 time signature. Notably, “Fire in the Sky” marks the first Ubre Blanca release to incorporate bass guitar alongside the iconic Roland GR-500 synth guitar.

The masterminds behind this musical journey are Joel Stone and Kayleigh Roberts. Joel Stone handles synths, drum machines, guitar, bass, and synth guitar, showcasing his instrumental prowess. Kayleigh Roberts adds her touch with synths and drum machines, contributing to the captivating sonic landscape.

Every track on “Fire in the Sky” is a collaborative effort between Joel Stone and Kayleigh Roberts, a testament to their creative synergy. The album was meticulously produced by Joel Stone, ensuring that every sonic detail is perfectly honed.

As the darkness of Halloween descends upon us, “Fire in the Sky” provides the ideal soundtrack to accompany your eerie celebrations. Whether you’re into dark disco, electronic dance music, or simply appreciate the fusion of diverse influences, Ubre Blanca’s latest offering promises an unforgettable musical journey.

“Fire in the Sky” will be available in both cassette and digital formats, offering listeners the flexibility to choose their preferred listening experience. You can secure your copy via Khoinix Records Bandcamp.

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