Dub-Industrial Convergence: JK Flesh’s Tormenting Beats and Ancient Methods’ Transformation

This post was written by The Forgotten

Justin K. Broadrick makes a triumphant return to Pi Electronics, unveiling his second EP as “JK Flesh.” This highly anticipated release not only showcases Broadrick’s sonic evolution but also features a mesmerizing remix by the revered German industrial techno icon, Ancient Methods.

Breaking away from the sonic landscape of “PI04,” PI11 introduces JK Flesh’s sonic slow burners—a captivating fusion of industrial and dub-techno. Broadrick’s virtuosity in industrial music converges seamlessly with his dub inspirations, resulting in an exquisitely crafted sonic tapestry of organic textures and relentless, haunting dub-infused techno rhythms. This EP caters to connoisseurs of music that unfolds gradually, rewarding patient listeners with its intricate layers and depth.

Ancient Methods’ reinterpretation of PI11.2 stands as a testament to his unique and signature sound, skillfully transforming the essence of the original track into a gripping industrial techno anthem.

The 11th installment of the Pi Electronics EP series marks the union of two industrial aesthetics powerhouses: a UK musician boasting an illustrious four-decade journey across genres and one of the scene’s most esteemed DJs and producers.

This record comprises three original tracks alongside the remix, pressed onto high-quality 180-gram black vinyl, complete with an A5 insert. Additionally, two exclusive digital tracks complement the physical release, providing an immersive and comprehensive auditory expedition through Broadrick’s musical repertoire.

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