Silicone Soul’s ‘Twenty Year Weekend’ Marks Two Decades of Darkroom Dubs

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Glasgow’s Silicone Soul celebrates two decades of underground house music with their latest compilation, “Twenty Year Weekend (Two Decades of Darkroom Dubs),” set to release on [Insert Release Date]. The album features cutting-edge tracks from global artists who share their passion for deep and dark beats.

Rather than looking back, Silicone Soul opts for a forward-focused collection. The album includes standout tracks like “Fahrenheit 625” and “Phunkarama” by Phunkadelica. “Twenty Year Weekend” delivers an eclectic mix of music, showcasing the label’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

The compilation features contributions from renowned artists such as Undo, Brax Moody, and Vamparela, among others. It concludes with a unique, driving finale, emphasizing the celebration and support of the music they love.

Silicone Soul’s “Twenty Year Weekend” encapsulates fearless electronic innovation with a human soul, offering a compelling journey through the evolution of underground house music over two decades. This landmark release is a testament to the enduring creativity and influence of Silicone Soul in the world of electronic music.

Available from November 24th, click here

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