Red Deviil Delivers Electrifying EBM Sounds with “Vida Bandida” EP on SYNTHICIDE

This post was written by The Forgotten

Tuxtla Gutiérrez’s dynamic duo, Red Deviil, has made a resounding entrance into the realm of electronic music with their latest EP, “Vida Bandida,” released under the acclaimed label SYNTHICIDE. Comprised of producers Guni Ca and BlakG, Red Deviil brings forth a collection of fresh tracks that epitomize the slick EBM style they’ve come to be recognized for within underground circuits.

The EP kicks off with the pulsating energy of “Garrobo,” introducing a new beat swing that sets the tone for what’s to come. Rampant basslines intertwine with crushing snares and thunderous kicks, creating a fervent atmosphere that demands attention. “Beliko” follows suit with an unrelenting forcefulness, driven by a severely danceable beat and haunting vocals reminiscent of Adi Newton from Clock DVA.

On Side B, “Rush” emerges with pure hypnotic sensuality, characterized by brassy synthesizer calls and a running bassline that undulates and simmers with intensity. “Vida Bandida,” the titular track, pushes EBM boundaries to the extreme with its sterile bassline and an urgent atmosphere that culminates in near-orgasmic vocals, creating an electrifying sonic experience.

The EP’s climax arrives with the Berlin-based Randstad’s remix of “Vida Bandida,” which infuses the track with a trance-like mesmerism, amplifying the seductive allure of the vocals and adding a new dimension to Red Deviil’s sonic landscape.

From start to finish, “Vida Bandida” creates a palpable tension that captures the essence of the dancefloor, embodying the sweat and carnality of bodies moving to the beat. With this release, Red Deviil solidifies their position as pioneers in the realm of EBM, leaving listeners craving more of their electrifying soundscapes.

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