Madrid Duo Mechudo Unleashes ‘Unfamiliar’ EP with Cloon Remix on Seeking the Velvet

This post was written by The Forgotten

Barcelona, August 15, 2023 – After their electrifying electroclash adventure with ‘Le Miroir’ in 2021, the Madrid-based duo Mechudo returns to the embrace of Seeking the Velvet, surprising us all with the release of ‘Unfamiliar,’ an EP that is gritty, visceral, and intense. It serves as a reflection of the tumultuous and ever-changing times we find ourselves navigating today.

The five tracks on ‘Unfamiliar’ venture across a sonic spectrum, seamlessly weaving through realms of IDM with ‘LaMDA,’ delving into dark reggaeton vibes with ‘Malos Pasos,’ embracing electro rhythms with ‘Automatic’ and ‘Turn on your plane mode,’ and culminating in a techno-infused soundscape with ‘Cancellation.’

To elevate the EP even further, Mechudo has enlisted the talents of Seville’s dynamic duo, Cloon, who deliver a remix that plunges listeners into a sea of syncopated rhythms and the hypnotic vibe that has become their trademark. This reinterpretation takes the original track to an enigmatic and shadowy atmosphere, leaving listeners entranced.

‘Unfamiliar’ speaks of our fear of the unknown, of encountering ways of thinking that differ from our own. It is a muted cry, silenced by the decibels of the dance floor—a haven free from judgment and prejudice, a sanctuary we need now more than ever.

The sounds within ‘Unfamiliar’ draw inspiration from luminaries such as The Hacker, Umwelt, and Kelly Lee Owens, showcasing Mechudo’s ability to navigate diverse sonic landscapes while maintaining a distinctive and captivating sound.

As we embark on this musical journey, Mechudo invites us to embrace the unfamiliar, to lose ourselves in the hypnotic beats and sonic textures, and to celebrate the refuge of the dance floor—a place where differences dissolve, and unity through music prevails. In ‘Unfamiliar,’ Mechudo invites us to rediscover our connection to the rhythm of life itself.

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