Podcast 302: Red Deviil

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Red Deviil. Hailing from Chiapas in Mexico, the duo consists of Guni Ca and Blak G. They define their style as “raw & fat” with influences from EBM, techno, and industrial.

Their work is nestled on the catalogues of labels such as Detriti Records, OSM Tapes, Haunted Space, N.I.M. Tapes, Soil, Pildoras Tapes, Miseria Records, Surface Reality, and upcoming music on SHISHI, Intervision, and Body Musick.

They also own and founded “Astro Bar Chill”, a club based in Tuxtla Gutierrez, focused on underground electronic music.

TF: What was the turning point in your life, where you have decided to fully delve into electronic music?

RD: We decided when we were younger at our first rave party, we saw each other on the other side of the stage, transmitting our feelings through music to the crowd. After that we started djing in 2011 at the local clubes and parties in Mexico city. It took us a few years to solidify our sound.

In 2018 we started at the same time two new projects: Red Deviil and Astro Bar Chill (our club based in tuxtla gutierrez, chiapas). In 2020 we signed our first EP called “Akerbeltz” … So now we keep working fully on both projects. if you haven’t listen us yet, now is a good time.

TF: Does Red Deviil has some rituals before start producing?

RD: To be honest we don’t have like a ritual or have an exact “method”, but we found the way. We work on the sounds until we got some fresh stuff.

TF: Can we talk about the hardware? What is the first synthesizer you have ever played? Do you have your favourite instruments or devices?

RD: The first synth we got in the studio was the Roland Aira TB3, then a friend gave us a boss Dr. Rythm DR-660, also we use an old radio from Panasonic for recording some atmospheres, and the vocals are recorded in a basic microphone Sure SV-100.

TF Could you tell us a bit more about your future projects?

RD: This year we are recording new material and waiting for some new releases to come out, also we’ll continue bringing artists to Astro Bar Chill … and planning a “Red Deviil” tour in Europe … so if you are interested send us a message.

TF: What are some artists (past or present), Whose work really excites you?

RD: Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Curses, Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale, Marsman, Terrence Fixmer, Marcel Dettman and we like to support most of the “body music” new school.

Please tell us about your musical influences? Give us a chart, please

RD: 1. Front 242 – Headhunter 2. Nitzer Ebb – Murderous 3. Room 506 – Drop Out 4. Phase Fatale – The Size Of God 5. Hocico – Starving Children 6. Stonith – Mort Vivant.

TF: Can you tell us about the mix made for The Forgotten?

RD: In this podcast we played most of the tracks from close friends (producers & labels). A pair of our tracks. You’ll listen the sound we like. Also we wanted to say many thanks to Edgar Paz (owner of The Forgotten) for support us.

Cheers from Chiapas, Mexico … enjoy it.

Liste exclusively our 302th episode.


1. Panzer – Morgoth [Area Z out soon]

2. Spinal – Mentiras [Pildoras Tapes out soon]

3. Yansyet – Subliminal [Khoinix]

4. Kenny Campbell – Lies! [Barro out soon]

5. NZM99 – Analogia [Persephonic Sirens]

6. IV Horsemen – The Shadow’s Whispers [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe]

7. B1980 – Metal Enclosure [Mosaique]

8. Magnum Opus – Indigo Eclipse [Frenesia out soon]

9. Red Deviil – K L I G VL A [Detriti Records]

10. Unconscious – Blood [Detriti Records]

11. GBxCL – Dies Iræ [SHISHI out soon]

12. Alpha Sect – Metallic Leather [CSC Records]

13. Pedrolino – Antics (Swærm Remix) [N.I.M. Tapes]

14. Red Deviil – 69 [SHISHI out soon]

15. Curses (Edit) – Body On Body [Self Release]

16. Univac – Object At 9 [Pinkman]

17. Velax – Your Own Choice [Industrial Insights]

18. Erika – Dicha Momentanea [Tensa]

Artist links: Facebook // Astro Bar Chill // Soundcloud.


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