Art Meets Sound: Different Exhibition’s Unveils ‘Crocifissione di San Pietro’ by Nothing Is Real

This post was written by The Forgotten

In a captivating fusion of artistic realms, Different Exhibition, the avant-garde music label, has unveiled its latest and most ambitious endeavor to date. For their seventh exhibition, they embarked on a journey to harmonize the genius of Caravaggio’s “Crocifissione di San Pietro” with the sonic landscapes crafted by the Italian sound design virtuoso, Nothing Is Real.

This groundbreaking project features three original tracks by Nothing Is Real, each intricately woven with the threads of Caravaggio’s timeless masterpiece. To add an extra layer of electrifying intensity, Surit, the formidable member of the legendary duo NX1, contributes a powerful remix that promises to push the boundaries of techno.

The centerpiece of this synergy is Caravaggio’s iconic “Crocifissione di San Pietro,” an oil-on-canvas masterpiece meticulously painted between 1600 and 1601. This revered work of art finds its sanctuary within the Cerasi Chapel of Santa Maria del Popolo, a hallowed space in the heart of Rome.

For those seeking to delve deeper into the visual inspiration behind this audacious project, Different Exhibition invites you to explore their social media platforms, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of information about Caravaggio’s masterpiece.

Mark your calendars for September 16th, 2023, the date when this remarkable collaboration, aptly titled “Chiaroscuro,” will be unleashed upon the world in digital formats. As genres blend and art transcends its traditional boundaries, Different Exhibition once again takes center stage in the world of electronic music, creating an experience that is both visually and sonically extraordinary.


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