Electrifying Landscapes: Agitations by Obscure Formats

This post was written by The Forgotten

Obscure Formats is back with a sonic strike of electrifying body-moving electronics. “Agitations” is their latest release, a modern metal machine music masterpiece meticulously crafted by Robert Galbraith, the visionary behind Component Recordings and one half of the monster modular outfit, Snowbeasts.

Under the Obscure Formats moniker, Galbraith sculpts a tight, earthbound sound using synths, modular racks, and drum machines, forging a path straight from your ears to your mind. The tracks on “Agitations” pound and pulse with relentless beats, intricate percussion, and mesmerizing arpeggiating pulses. Each composition within this sonic journey immerses you in a harsh, otherworldly landscape filled with angular soundscapes, jagged edges, and haunting drones.

This mini-LP includes four original tracks that captivate the listener, taking them on a hypnotic journey. To add more flavor to the mix, Obscure Formats enlisted the talents of AXKAN and Years of Denial for two diverse and captivating remixes. As an extra treat for the keen ears, a hidden bonus track awaits discovery.

“Agitations” by Obscure Formats, released under the Venaeform Records label, is set to mesmerize your senses. The digital release is scheduled for October 24, 2023, with the vinyl edition following on November 27, 2023. Fans around the world, it’s recommended to check your local record store or web stores for vinyl purchase due to high shipping costs.

Prepare for a musical journey that will leave you entranced and exhilarated, as Obscure Formats takes you on an electrifying ride with “Agitations.”

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