Forgotten Sunrise’s Resurrection: “elu” Marks a Decade of Silence with Raw Industrial Power

This post was written by The Forgotten

Estonian experimentalists, Forgotten Sunrise, make a triumphant comeback with their long-awaited album, “elu,” their first full-length release in a decade. With a career spanning over 31 years, the band has fearlessly explored the fusion of diverse musical genres, ranging from dark electro to death metal. They’ve coined their unique style as “outsider industrial” or ‘outdustrial.’

Out on the Brooklyn-based label Ohm Resistance, “elu” is the band’s fourth studio album, serving as the middle chapter in their upcoming trilogy, “Hallelujah!” This eight-track installment distinguishes itself with its raw post-industrial sound, crafting an atmosphere of dark horror, driven by pulsating rhythms and a blend of growling vocals juxtaposed with an ethereal female voice.

Forgotten Sunrise, led by founder Anders Melts, has weathered numerous lineup changes throughout their journey. Notably, “elu” introduces their current trio formation, including Kadri Sammel (also known as Bedless Bones) and Jaan Pullerits, aka Suva, into the mix, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in their sonic evolution.

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