Delsin Records Presents VC-118A’s ‘Waves Of Change’: A Sonic Evolution”

This post was written by The Forgotten

In a musical landscape that often favors conformity, VC-118A’s latest offering, “Waves Of Change,” stands as a testament to the power of artistic evolution. Following the acclaimed “Spiritual Machines” album, this LP masterfully continues to push boundaries with its signature crooked machine rhythms.

Samuel van Dijk, the creative force behind VC-118A, takes listeners on an immersive journey through a tapestry of analog and digital processes. Tracks like ‘The Deep,’ ‘Stream,’ and ‘Replace Image’ serve as sonic metaphors for the ever-shifting state of the universe, while ‘Heat,’ ‘Club,’ and ‘Elektri’ deliver metronomic precision akin to the ceaseless march of time.

‘Motherboard,’ a standout track, offers an extended immersion into a world of subtly vivid soundscapes, driven by elegant and probing drums. The inclusion of sampled voices from van Dijk’s parents adds a deeply personal touch to the album, harking back to their days as sound artists in the mid-80s.

“‘Waves of Change’ is more than an album; it’s a timestamp of my musical journey, an exploration of downtempo rhythms, and an invitation to ponder the nature of change itself,” reflects VC-118A.

Known for crafting immersive, atmospheric music that blends dub, ambient, and experimental elements, van Dijk has once again showcased his mastery of the craft. With ‘Waves Of Change,’ he propels his sound into uncharted downtempo and experimental territories, inviting us all to contemplate the transformative forces that shape our lives.

As “Waves Of Change” hits the airwaves via Delsin on September 22, 2023, it’s clear that VC-118A’s sonic voyage is an indispensable addition to the evolving landscape of electronic music.

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